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FOCU: Research

ISSUES: Water and Sanitation

SETTING: Wornk District, Peter Town, Margibi County.

TIME FRAM: Oct,1-Oct 5, 2010.

BUDGET: 3000.00LD/$45.00USD.

RESEARCHER: Brock K. Pokai


Research Introduction

Working in the Wornk district of rural Margibi over the period of 2 years have given IDEFOCS some practical experience with women and children’s health condition; a risky situation that needs to be address immediately.

In this research, I discovered that, villages like, Moses Roose Town, Dukuly Farm, Shokpolershu and Mena’s Town lack sale drinking water.

People in those villages drink from running water that is believed to be polluted by chemical from the Salala Rubber Plantation (SRC) whenever it rains.  The budget of research covered transportation, feeding, communication and accommodation .


Rural Margibi of Moses Roose Town, Shoekpolershu, Dukuly Farm and Mena Town, are all Located in the Wornk District Margibi County. During the 90s, the region was popularly known as the Marine Base, where Charles Taylor had his strongest deadly gorilla fighting forces headed by General Nason Guye, whose deputy was Jack the Reble and practiced cannibalism.

Since the independence of Liberia the region has been isolated from Development, even up to presence. Many young people in the region, both boys and girls basically work with the salala Rubber Cooperation (SRC) as tappers but earn very little as salary. The region is not benefiting from any of the  concession agreement signed by the SRC Company, while majority of its inhabitants live extreme poverty. 

Besides working as tapper, the basic source of living for many is small skill farming. The entire setting is just after the land of the Salala Rubber Plantation. 


It was on October 1,2010, when I took a trip from Monrovia city to the region of Wornk District, rural Margibi County. I left Monrovia at 2:30pm and reach Moses Roose Town as 5:15pm, which is about 3 hours drive.

When I reach Moses Roose Town, I met a lady commonly known as Lucky who usually host us in the Town as a mother. I explained to her the purpose of my trip this time around and she was very excited to participate in the research.

I told her that, we were concern about the women and children’s health, so we want to know how water and sanitation are affecting women and children’s health condition. She explained that sale drinking water is a major concern to the people in this area. From 5:30 up to 6:00pm I was successful in sending the message to the people and elders of Dukuly farm, Shorkpoleershu and Mena’s to have meeting with them the next day at 7:00am in Moses Roose Town to discuss the water and sanitation condition in the region.  


At 7:00 the next morning on October 2,2010, elders and people of those villages assembled in number at the Moese Roose Town to express themselves with problem they faced, with water and sanitation condition in the region.

At this time of the morning,forst birds and chicken were singing their usual morning melody to signal a good day.

We begun the forum with a traditional group song. That want on for about 4 minutes  involving women, men and children voices. The song was a song of joy and happiness for the purpose of my trip to the people of those villages.

The forum lasted for about 45 minutes. The Town Chief of Moses Roose Town, Mr. Whyma welcome the crowd and introduce the purpose of the forum.

During the forum, Sis Lucky spoke; she said our major problem are safe drinking water, primary school and hospital. But I will like to talk only on the hospital, giving the opportunity to other women to talk. We don’t have Government hospital in the entire. The  only close hospital is the Red Cross hospital which is in Peter Town. But unfortunately, there is no medicine, also in term of emergency, we don’t have health center in the area in significant.

My name is Mamie Sackie. One of the major problem for us is safe drinking water in this area. We are suffering from chloral, diarrhea, typhus and other water bond diseases.

The reason is, we don’t have a hand pump, we drink from the running water, and most of this running water gets polluted when it rains from the chemicals used in the rubber plantation. When we drink the polluted water we get sick along with our children.

My mane is Sumo Kollie; we don’t have any school in this area. Our children walk about 1 hour distance from here to Peter Town and German camp for school. We are always worried about heart man attract on our children. It will be very save and economical if Government can establish a free education program in this area for our children.

My name is ice Mamie; we as woman, we need empowerment program across the country. But for women in this area, we don’t have one here. If we get empowerment program for women here, we will not be complete burden to our husbands. We want to help our husbands to support the home too. We will be very happy if women empowerment center is built to add value to women to economically

My name is Peter Sengdeh, what I want to talk about is bad labor practice by the SRC. We worked very hard and earn very little at the end of the month. We are entitled to produce 1 ton of rubber each month. But at the end the month we some time received $10 or $20 USD pre month alone with ½ beg of rice.

We will appreciate if the government can investigate the bad labor other practice by SRC.

My name is? a midwife, I want for government to support midwifery for emergency cases. Some time when at work, I don’t have glove, bucket, alcohol and other essential material are lacking.


Safe drinking water, free primary Education, free heath center free women empowerment center, bad labor practice and poor midwifery material are major issues that are confronting women and children of this region.

The research has identified these need, but what remains is a major challenge is to make sure Government, organizations and state holders help to address the needs of women and children in this part of the country. We strongly believed that if nothing is done now the people of Wornk District could be at serious RISK.


We do recommend that all there needs be met over the period of one year. Looking at these needs, we as IDEFOCS believes that all the most needed is safe drinking water, primary education and women empowerment program to be established in 6 months period. While Heath Center, bad labor practice, Midwife center be worked on within next six months period.

We hope to work with Government, organization and state holders in addressing these specific needs of the inhabitant in Moses Roose Town, Dukuly farm, Shorkpoleshu and Mena’s Town of rural Margibi, Wornk District. 

                                            Budget ($43.00USDs) or $3,000.00LD


From         To Unit cost Total (to and fro)
Monrovia Moses Roose Town 500.00 1000.00 LD
Moses Roose Town Peter’s Town 75.00 150.00 LD
Food, Communication, Accommodation and          Provision.  
Item Unit cost Quantity Total
Food BULK BULK 800.00 LD
Communication BULK BULK 350.00 LD
Accommodation BULK BULK 500.00 LD
Provision BULK BULK 200.00 LD